Phlox roemeriana

(Golden-eye Phlox)


Phlox roemeriana, Wildflower Center, Austin, Travis Co. 8196


Phlox roemeriana, Reimer’s Ranch Park, Travis Co. 4639


Phlox roemeriana, Reimer’s Ranch Park, Travis Co. 4651


Phlox roemeriana, Reimer’s Ranch Park, Travis Co. 4668

Scientific Name Phlox roemeriana USDA PLANTS Symbol PHRO3
Common Name Golden-eye Phlox ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 504327
Family Polemoniaceae (Phlox) Texas A&M Reference Click Here
Description Habitat: Dry, rocky areas with calcareous soils in fields, grasslands, open woodlands and roadsides; endemic to Edwards Plateau and southern High Plains.
Plant: Erect, branching annual up to 14 inches tall.
Leaves: Lower leaves oblanceolate and opposite becoming lanceolate and alternate above; up to 2 inches long and 3/8-inch wide; with pubescent hairs on surfaces and ciliate margins.
Inflorescence: Numerous flowers up to 1-inch across in congested clusters with 5 purple to pink lobes and a conspicuous yellow center star bordered by white.
Bloom Period: March to May.
References: "Wildflowers of Texas" by Geyata Ajilsvsgi, "Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas" by Corell and Johnston and "Shinners & Mahler’s Flora of North Central Texas" by Diggs, Lipscomb and O’Kennon.
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