Lysimachia arvensis



Lysimachia arvensis, Pace Bend Park, Travis Co. 2835


Lysimachia arvensis, Pace Bend Park, Travis Co. 0309


Lysimachia arvensis, Pace Bend Park, Travis Co. 0304


Lysimachia arvensis, Pace Bend Park, Travis Co. 2838

Scientific Name Lysimachia arvensis (var. caerula) (Anagallis arvensis) USDA PLANTS Symbol ANAR
Common Name Pimpernel ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 24043
Family Primulaceae (Primrose) SEINet
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Description Habitat: Various soils in open, sunny, disturbed locations; widespread, introduced from the Mediterranean.
Plant: Annual or biennial with prostrate to spreading to erect stems 2 to 18 inches long.
Leaves: Opposite sometimes whorled above, sessile, ovate to elliptic or lanceolate, 0.2 to 1.2 inches long and up to 0.4 inches; wide, edges ar entire to shallowly dentate and the surfaces are smooth.
Inflorescence: Red to salmon-colored or blue flowers up to 3/4-inch diameter; corolla has 5 spreading, overlapping lobes (petals) with small, cland-tipped hairs arond the tips, small red center; protrudung stigma and stamens with yellow anthers.
Bloom Period: Spring and summer.
References: Jepson Floral Project and SEINet
Note: The blue version of L. arvensis was formerly named var. caerula (or coerula); also, there is disagreement on whether the genus name is Lysimachia or Anagallis.
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