Leucaena retusa

(Littleleaf leadtree)


Leucaena retusa, Green Gulch, Big Bend National Park 8244


Leucaena retusa, Green Gulch, Big Bend National Park 8260

Scientific Name Leucaena retusa USDA PLANTS Symbol LERE5
Common Name Littleleaf Leadtree ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 26768
Family Fabaceae (Pea) Wildflower Center Ref. Click Here
Description Habitat: Dry, rocky, limestone soils.
Plant: Multi-stemmed tree or shrub, usually 15 feet tall or less; brittle, unarmed stems.
Leaves: Bi-pinnately-compound leaves, up to 7 inches long divided into about 3 or 4 pairs of large leaflets that are further divided into about 5 or 6 pairs of much smaller oblong to elliptic or obovate leaflets, 1/4 to 1 inch long.
Inflorescence: Bright yellow flowers in dense globes about 1 inch across, protruding stamens.
Bloom Period: April to July.
Fruit: Narrow linear pods 6 to 10 inches long, pointed on both ends.
References: "Little Big Bend" by Roy Morey, "Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas" by Correll and Johnston, and Texas A&M.
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