Diaperia prolifera

(Big-head Pygmy-cudweed)


Diaperia prolifera, Colorado Bend State Park, San Saba Co. 3790


Diaperia prolifera, Colorado Bend State Park, San Saba Co. 3789


Diaperia prolifera, Colorado Bend State Park, San Saba Co. 3788

Scientific Name Diaperia prolifera (Evax prolifera) USDA PLANTS Symbol EVPR
Common Name Big-head Pygmy-cudweed, Big-head Rabbit-tobacco ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 512235
Family Asteraceae (Sunflower) SEINet
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Description Habitat: Dry, clayey or limestone soils in pastures and prairies.
Plant: Short, very leafy annual with 2 to 10 diverging stems, 1 to 6 inches tall; all foliage and flower heads densely covered with white to gray woolly hairs.
Leaves: Basal rosette leaves are spatulate, 1/8 to 1/4 inch long, withering early; stem leaves alternate, spatulate to narrowly oblanceolate, 1/8 to 3/5-inch long, less than 1/6-inch wide.
Inflorescence: Small, dense, flat-headed compact clusters (glomerules) about 1/3-inch across with several to ~10 tiny flower heads less than 1/8-inch across hidden by thick, woolly hairs; bracts among the heads are longer than the heads; each flower head surrounded by small leaves and containing florets; there are no ray florets. Strong magnification required to see details of the individual florets.
Bloom Period: April and May.
References: Evax prolifera in "Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas" by Correll and Johnston and "Shinners & Mahler’s Flora of North Central Texas" by Diggs, Lipscomb and O’Kennon; Diaperia prolifera in Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses, Flora of North America and Vascular Plants of Williamson County by A.C. Gibson.
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