Linum pratense [Linaceae]

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Scientific Name Linum pratense USDA PLANTS Symbol
Common Name Meadow Flax ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.
Family Linaceae (Flax) SEINet Reference
Description Habitat: Dry, sandy, gravelly, or calcareous soils in open areas; prairies, grassy areas and roadsides.
Plant: Erect, smooth annual 6 to 16 inches tall, delicate stems branched from base.
Leaves: Numerous small, alternate, linear to linear-lanceolate leaves 3/8 to 3/4-inch long, along stem.
Inflorescence: Terminal panicles of small flowers, 1/2 to 3/4-inch across; 5 light blue to (rarely) white petals with blue veins.
Bloom Period: March to July.
References: "Wildflowers of Texas" by Michael Eason, "Wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country" by Marshall Enquist and "Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas" by Correll and Johnston.
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